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Bay City Lawn Care Michigan | Bay City Lawn Service MI | Saginaw Lawn Care MI

Bay City Lawn Care Michigan – 6-Step Lawn Fertilization

The best defense against lawn disease and insects is our fertilization program. Our 6-step lawn fertilization program begins in the early spring when our Bay City lawn care Michigan technicians will use a combination of slow-release fertilizers and broadleaf weed control applications to keep your lawn looking lush and weed-free all season long. We apply the last treatment in late fall to prepare your lawn for the upcoming cold weather. When it comes to Bay City lawn care Michigan, no one does it better than Turf Workz Lawn & Landscape!

Bay City Lawn Service MI – Weed Control

Our Bay City lawn service MI experts will analyze your lawn for weedy grasses such as foxtail and sandbur, as well as broadleaf weeds such as plantain red sorrel and black medic. Our specialized weed control programs will treat issues unique to your lawn and eliminate invasive vegetation that can be a literal drain on your turf. For dedicated Bay City lawn service MI, call Turf Workz Lawn & Landscape today!

Saginaw Lawn Care MI – Grub Control

Grubs are “c”-shaped beetle larvae that live underneath your turf’s surface, feeding off the grass roots and depleting your lawn of vital nutrients. If left untreated, grubs can kill your lawn completely, leaving you with costly repairs. For the best preventative grub control, call the Saginaw Lawn Care MI pros at Turf Workz Lawn & Landscape!

Lawn Care Midland MI – Disease Control

Lawn diseases can come in many forms and their effects can be devastating. Our lawn care Midland MI technicians are trained to evaluate your lawn and detect any potential disease threats. If your turf has already been affected, we have the best disease control products to get your lawn back to optimal health. For disease control you can trust, call the lawn care Midland MI experts at Turf Workz Lawn & Landscape today!

Bay City Michigan Lawn Service – De-Thatching

Thatch build-up can be detrimental to your lawn’s health. It can stop sunlight, moisture and oxygen from reaching your turf, causing it to weaken and suffocate. For expert de-thatching services, call the Bay City Michigan lawn service professionals at Turf Workz Lawn & Landscape!

Lawn Care Saginaw MI – Aeration

Core aeration involves removing small plugs of soil to allow for growth of the grass roots by enabling them to take in more nutrients. Core aeration also breaks down loose organic material, alleviates soil compaction and increases the infiltration of water. If your lawn could benefit from core aeration, call the lawn care Saginaw MI experts at Turf Workz Lawn & Landscape today!

Bay City Michigan Lawn Services – Overseeding

Combined with core aeration, overseeding can lead to a thick, lush lawn. But don’t stress yourself out trying to figure out what kind of seed, how much and when overseeding should take place. Call the Bay City Michigan lawn services technicians at Turf Workz Lawn & Landscape for expert overseeding services!

Midland Lawn Care – Lime Applications

Our Midland lawn care professionals will analyze your soil to determine whether lime should be part of your personal lawn care regimen. Lime applications neutralize acidic soil and balance its pH to a healthier level, enabling your lawn to grow to its fullest potential. Let the Midland lawn care specialists at Turf Workz Lawn & Landscape determine what you need to keep your lawn alive and well.

Bay City Lawn Care Michigan – Lawn Mowing

Turf Workz Lawn & Landscape has the best equipment and training to ensure a professional mow job that will have your lawn looking sharp. Our goal is to mow often enough so you do not have to deal with excess clippings. We will work with you to determine a mowing schedule that is convenient to your lifestyle and your lawn’s needs. Whatever your needs, the Bay City lawn care Michigan professionals at Turf Workz Lawn & Landscape are here for you.

Bay City Lawn Service MI – Service Area

Turf Workz Lawn & Landscape offers one-of-a-kind Bay City lawn service MI to: Bay City, Midland, Auburn, Freeland, Saginaw, Essexville, Kawkawlin, Linwood, Hemlock, Shields, Pinconning, Standish, Sterling, Omer, Au Gres, Turner, Tawas City, East Tawas, Twining and surrounding Bay City communities.

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