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Landscaping Saginaw MI | Lawn Care Saginaw MI

Landscaping Saginaw MI – Lawn Aeration

Our core aeration services will allow your lawn to take in more oxygen, water and nutrients by removing small plugs of soil. This landscaping Saginaw MI process also breaks down loose organic material, alleviates soil compaction and increases the infiltration of water to the grass roots. If your lawn looks like it needs revived, call the landscaping Saginaw MI experts at Turf Workz Lawn & Landscape today!

Lawn Care Saginaw MI – Lawn Mowing

Turf Workz Lawn & Landscape has the best lawn care Saginaw MI equipment and training to ensure a professional mow job that will keep your lawn looking sharp. Our goal is to mow frequently and as needed so excess clippings are never a problem. We will work with you to determine a mowing schedule that is convenient to your lifestyle and your lawn’s needs. Whatever your needs, the lawn care Saginaw MI professionals at Turf Workz Lawn & Landscape are here for you!

Landscaping Saginaw MI – Disease Control

There are a variety of lawn diseases that have devastating effects on your turf. Our landscaping Saginaw MI technicians are trained to professionally evaluate your lawn and identify potential disease threats. If your turf has already been affected, we will quickly apply disease control treatments to get your lawn back to optimal health. For disease control you can trust, call the landscaping Saginaw MI experts at Turf Workz Lawn & Landscape today!

Lawn Care Saginaw MI 6-Step fertilization

Our custom-designed fertilization program is the best defense against weeds and disease. Our 6-step lawn fertilization program begins in the early spring when our lawn care Saginaw MI technicians use a combination of slow-release fertilizers and broadleaf weed control treatments to keep your lawn looking thick, vibrant and weed-free throughout the season. The last treatment is applied in late fall to prepare your lawn for the upcoming cold weather and discourage winter weed development. When it comes to lawn care Saginaw MI, no one does it better than Turf Workz Lawn & Landscape!

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