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Landscaping Midland MI | Lawn Care Midland MI

Landscaping Midland MI – Grub Control

Grubs are “c”-shaped beetle larvae that live underneath your turf’s surface, feeding off the grass roots and depleting your lawn of vital nutrients. Grubs can dehydrate your lawn, causing brown circles within your turf. If they are allowed to feed continuously, they will kill your lawn completely. Don’t let grubs overtake your lawn; call the landscaping Midland MI pros at Turf Workz Lawn & Landscape for superior preventative grub control!

Lawn Care Midland MI – Weed Control

Our lawn care Midland MI technicians will treat your lawn for weedy grasses such as foxtail and sandbur, as well as broadleaf weeds such as plantain red sorrel and black medic. Our customized weed control programs will treat issues exclusive to your lawn and remove invasive vegetation that can be a literal drain on your turf’s resources. For unparalleled lawn care Midland MI, call Turf Workz Lawn & Landscape today and ask for a FREE estimate!

Landscaping Midland – Lime Applications

Our landscaping Midland professionals will test your soil to determine whether lime applications could benefit the overall health of your lawn. Lime applications neutralize acidic soil and balance its pH to a healthier level, enabling your lawn to grow to its fullest potential. Let the landscaping Midland professionals at Turf Workz Lawn & Landscape use their expertise to help you keep your lawn alive and well.

Lawn Care Midland MI – De-Thatching

Thatch build-up can be detrimental to your lawn’s health, essentially suffocating the roots below. Thatch layers can prohibit sunlight, moisture and oxygen from reaching the grass roots, which will have an effect on your lawn’s health and appearance. For expert de-thatching services, call the lawn care Midland MI specialists at Turf Workz Lawn & Landscape!

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