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Fertilizing Lawn Care in Your Lawn Maintenance Program

by Nate on December 10, 2010

Fertilizing Lawn Care in Your Lawn Maintenance Program

You probably already know that you want to have a healthy and beautiful stretch of grass in your yard. You want beautiful, green grass because it makes your home look well cared for, and you can have guests without any embarrassment. If you will be putting your home on the market for sale in the near future, you know a green lawn can create a good first impression and enhance the perceived value of your property. Perhaps the reason you want a thriving lawn is simply because it is a delight to see the plant life in your yard healthy. As you may know, this kind of yard does not occur by accident. You have some upkeep to do to achieve your goal of a green, lush yard. 

Applying fertilizer on your yard is not an onerous task. Fertilizer is readily available in many of local retail outlets, like plant nurseries, hardware stores, thrift department stores and the like. The local experts in these stores and the labels on the packages can help you calculate the amount you need to buy for the square footage of your yard, so you can be sure to have enough and yet not too much. A push spreader can disseminate the fertilizing granules, and then it is just a question of watering it in and you are done. 

Another consideration you should make is to do a few things to make your fertilizer more efficient so the grasses are able to draw upon the nutrients in their environment. Aerating the soil once a year is one of those things. Aeration is punching holes into the soil by aerating equipment or spiked shoes so that water and air can get into the soil, and so that the soil is made softer for worms and roots of the grass. 

Another task that increase fertilizer efficiency is to rake your yard. Raking removes detritus that lying upon the soil beneath your grass blades. This kind of clutter, in addition to sticks and leaves lying on top of the grass, will inhibit the growth and spread of your grasses. If you do your raking before your application of fertilizer, you can open up the soil so that the granules dissolve and soak into the soil more easily upon watering. Raking can amplify the effectiveness of your fertilizer greatly. 

Every effort you make to prepare your yard for fertilizer by making the ground clean and uncluttered, will increase the efficacy of your time and money spent on the fertilizer. Another tip is to level out uneven bits of ground with topsoil and add good grass seed to the the barren places before you apply your fertilizer. Lastly, you will need to have your yard on a schedule of regular waterings for your grass to come in and stay full and lush.

For more information visit this Fertilizing Lawn Care Infomation web page at to get the advice you need to keep your yard maintenance as green as possible.

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